Your machines are talking. Are you listening?

Digitization of manufacturing means that products today are more than just a composition of electrical and mechanical parts. It has transformed equipment manufacturing into a complex system that combines hardware, sensors, data storage, software and internet connectivity.

These 'smart, connected' products have changed the customer service experience landscape and manufacturers are compelled to implement new and sophisticated tools through various cycles of the buyer journey.

At Bruviti, we are on a mission to empower equipment manufacturers and allied business with Ai tools that enable them to elevate their customer service experience.

Bruviti enhances CX - at every touchpoint

An air conditioning engineer is finishing the installation of several units on a rooftop. Two colleagues can be seen also installing units in the background. They are wearing hi vis jackets, hard hats and safety goggles.

With a laser-like focus on customer satisfaction, we provide smart, integrated, scalable, and modular solutions that equip design, support, and service teams with tools that can dramatically enhance their customers’ experience (CX).

3D illustration abstract artificial intelligence on a printed circuit board. Technology and engineering concept. Neurons of artificial intelligence. Electronic chip, head processor

Our architects and data scientists apply the latest in IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics to deliver solutions that are performant, scalable, reliable, proactive, and economical.

The Bruviti suite of applications empowers manufacturers to transform every touchpoint of their customers’ journey. With Bruviti, manufacturers transform their support and service operations by boosting efficiency and lowering costs through:

Predictive Service

Remote Asset Monitoring

Customer Support Efficiency

Field Service Productivity

Parts Inventory Optimization

Rapid Diagnostics

Optimize your customer journeys - holistically

Are you measuring your CX by silo or holistically? Individual channels may be performing well, but the overall CX can still be low. With Bruviti, you can boost CX across all channels — raising overall CX and customer loyalty.


Bruviti supports a wide range of applications

Home Appliances

Our smart solutions help home appliance manufacturers design superior products, reduce operational costs, increase organizational profits, and build customer loyalty.

Commercial Equipment

Monitoring asset health is critical to ensuring high uptime for commercial equipment in industries such as foodservice, hospitality, agriculture, construction, and commercial HVAC.

Industrial Equipment

The Bruviti Suite can be applied to any sector where equipment uptime and customer satisfaction are mission-critical: HVAC, smart home, smart building, oil and gas, construction, mining, agriculture. Contact us for an expert assessment of how Bruviti can help you attain your CX goals.

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