Service Technician

Our Service Technician solution is designed keeping your needs in mind. No matter what the challenge of your business, Service Technician is flexible and allows for easy customization to address your specific issues.

Get Ahead of the competition


Increase in productivity


Decrease in equipment downtime


Customer satisfaction


Real-Time Data Analytics

Large data being generated across many devices needs constant monitoring that helps manufacturers deliver a better experience to its customers. The instant nature of Real-Time Data Analysis helps manufacturers analyze fault trends in real-time and take corrective action for all connected devices. This data helps analysts study trends of recurring faults and recommend the probable solution to a specific set of faults related to geography or a vendor’s quality of products. Real Time Data Analysis also helps manufacturers send remote upgrades to its appliances ensuring seamless service.

Predictive Maintenance

The first step to resolve an issue is to accurately identify the root cause. Predictive Maintenance evaluates the condition of equipment by performing periodic (offline) or continous (online) equipment condition monitoring. The study of recurring faults and its causes helps manufacturers take decisions related to product design, product installation and product training. Predictive Maintenance promises cost savings over preventive maintenance with lesser equipment downtime. The application of preventive maintenance techniques also ensures higher machine productivity, optimized parts planning and increased personnel efficiency.



Artificial Intelligence brings the intelligence to questions that are asked for correct understanding of why faults occur. Alfie the Chatbot assists the customer care representatives to ask relevant questions to the customer that helps them understand the problem better. Asking the relevant questions helps narrow down the possibilities in identifying the root cause of an issue. The advantage of an AI based search tool is that it can be implemented on historical and real time data. The Customer Care Representatives (CCR) are now able to use the search more effectively as the results are fewer, precise and more relevant. The chat bot also helps improve search results over time basis the feedback from CCRs and the problems solved.

Live Help

Based on Augmented Reality(AR), Live Help connects field technicians and technical experts, based at a remote location. Live Help is so much more than a video chat. Live streaming helps the field technician to show the problem to the technical expert exactly the way he sees it. Using annotations during live streaming, the Field Technician and Technical Expert can point to the specific part that needs attention. The Technical Expert can then use annotations and suggest a solution. Another interesting feature of Live Help is Freeze Frame that helps the Field Technician share pictures with the Technical Expert that can be used for future reference. Live Help enables quick resolution of the fault reducing the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) ,increasing technician productivity and customer satisfaction


Natural Language Processing

Bruviti’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine guarantees customers of efficient and timely complaint resolution. Bruviti’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine boosts agent’s effectiveness and improves the customer’s experience on the call. The NLP engine listens for certain keywords or phrases and prompts the agent accordingly. It can also be used to identify gaps in an agent’s knowledge, types of calls they are least comfortable handling, and other factors that can influence training and call routing. Bruviti’s NLP Engine provides rapid diagnosis of the problem, with probabilities attached to each possibility that helps next actions while scheduling a service call.

Parts Intercept

The cost of Warehousing and Transportation directly impact the bottom line of companies across industries. Bruviti’s Parts Intercept helps business owners stock the relevant parts in the required quantities creating smart inventory control. In addition to smart inventory control at the warehouse, the Parts Intercept feature also helps with automatic ordering for parts required frequently and track parts that need a special ordering process. Parts Intercept helps meet customer demand without delay while keeping the costs associated with holding stock to a minimum.


Integrated Services

Service Technician’s easy to implement plug and play system makes it the best suited solution to integrate across all internal and third party platforms. Our connectors are designed to be ideal partners to your existing tools that help you access all the required information on one unified platform. This enables different teams like customer care and field technicians to work in sync ensuring greater communication that results in higher productivity for both teams. Third party integrations with Quickbooks, Google Maps or PayPal is easy as it integrates seamlessly across all platforms making it the most user friendly solution for service companies and equipment manufacturers alike.

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