K2 Inc is now Bruviti – Press Release

April 9th 2018

Campbell, CA:

K2 Power, Inc. today announced that the company will now be doing business as
Bruviti (pronounced Bruh-viti), effective immediately. In addition to the new dba
name, a companion logo has been adopted that reflects the predictive analytics
capabilities that Bruviti brings to the IoT market.

The etymology of Bruviti comes from the sanskrit word for Prediction, which is the
focus of the company. Bruviti provides Service Technicians with the ability to
securely connect to the cloud, predict imminent failures and integrate with a
manufacturer’s knowledgebase. Using the diagnostic and algorithmic tools provided
by Service Technician, manufacturers and service providers are able to reduce field
failures, truck rolls, and parts intercept. There is a direct benefit to gross margin and
customer satisfaction when Bruviti’s Service Technician solution is deployed.

“Every IoT application produces large amounts of data, but where Bruviti stands out
is our ability to interpret that data in order to provide useful and actionable
information,” said Andy Chinmulgund, CEO of Bruviti. “The commitment we make to
OEM customers is that their connected devices will remain safe, secure and private.”

The Bruviti team consists of networking engineers and data scientists who have
deployed more than 50M managed devices to OEMs in the IoT market, for segments
such as Telcos and Appliances. Based in the Silicon Valley, Bruviti works with OEMs
around the globe.