AI driven IoT Applications

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In the highly competitive equipment manufacturing market, where the use of technology is homogenous and product features are similar, delivering exceptional customer service gives organizations the competitive edge.

With a focus on Customer Satisfaction, our goal is to design smart, integrated, scalable and modular solutions to empower support and service teams with tools that elevate the customer experience. Our architects and data scientists apply the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Digital Twins, Sentiment Analysis and Big Data Analytics to deliver IoT solutions that are fast, reliable, proactive and economical for both manufacturers and end consumers.

Home Appliances


Our smart solutions help home appliance manufacturers design superior products, reduce operational costs, increase organizational profits and improve customer relationships.

Commercial Equipment


We recognize that monitoring asset health is mission critical to ensure seamless operations of commercial equipment in industries such as hospitality, agriculture, construction and commercial HVAC.

Industrial Automation


We have built adaptable solutions for the industrial machine industry that produces equipment for other manufacturing and service industries that make an impact on people’s lives every day.

Get ahead of the competition


Improve First Time Fix Rate


Reduce Truck Rolls


Increase Proactive Resolution

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