Bruviti AI-powered insights transform every customer touchpoint

The Bruviti Ecosystem


Bruviti IoT Core

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the Bruviti IoT Core platform. It applies machine-learning algorithms to accelerate data processing, Bruviti Digital Twin technology to optimize support and service team performance, and a robust Data Orchestration platform that enables deep analytics across your customer, service, equipment, and machine/IoT data.

Data Source

Artificial intelligence is infused throughout the Bruviti decision fabric. It applies machine-learning algorithms to derive valuable business insights from a variety of data sources, including:

  • Machine data from IOT-enabled equipment
  • Business data such as sales pipelines, parts inventories, CRM records
  • Human data such as call center transcripts, service call logs, technician notes
  • External and social network data such as product reviews, customer trends, industry information, environmental data.

Digital Twin technology for support and service team optimization and a robust Data Orchestration platform that expedites analytics.


Decision Fabric

Bruviti AI enhances regular human tasks such as planning, learning, reasoning, and problem solving. Bruviti’s natural-language processing (NLP) engine converts customer complaints from natural human language to machine language in the form of error codes and descriptions. This helps in accurately identifying the problem for a specific customer complaint. Our Smart Search and Case-Based Reasoning models enable existing systems to automatically learn and improve agent capabilities — so your support teams can retrieve similar cases, apply successful solutions from previous cases, revise the solution with improvements, and retain the solution for future reference. By suggesting solutions quickly and accurately, the quality of your customer interaction will improve.

  • Error codes and descriptions
  • Self-learning software
  • System automation

Digital Twin

Bruviti Digital Twin provides a dynamic digital representation of physical equipment, its attributes, and associated data. Organizations can implement the Digital Twin technology to accelerate product design and improve manufacturing and supply chain functions. This enables the optimization of machine deployment, support, and service functions. It tracks service aspects such as the operational and maintenance history of a customer equipment and, with the application of sophisticated machine-learning and statistical models, service teams can monitor performance, diagnose issues, and recommend solutions.

  • Customized solution
  • Integrated systems
  • Field-service focused

Data Orchestration

To gain insight and drive relevant action to achieve a pre-defined objective, machine, human and business data from many sources must be organized, structured and made accessible for analysis — on a single platform. Meanwhile, data is increasingly unstructured, raw, and in native formats. Bruviti’s Data Orchestration capabilities, built into the IoT Core, enables service organizations to combine new sources of data (such as log files, search queries and connected data from devices) with existing data stores and knowledge bases. This equips organization to attract and retain customers, boost productivity, proactively maintain devices, and make better-informed decisions.

  • Faster data analytics
  • Seamless data integration
  • Qualitative insights

Bruviti IoT Edge

Internet-enabled machines and sensors are generating enormous quantities of potentially valuable information. But to derive business value, this data needs to stored and then analyzed for insights that lead to improved product design, increased operational efficiencies, and greater profitability for an organization. When this data is sent to a cloud server, transfer and management can be expensive, is less secure, and impedes real-time action. By locating processing at the edge of the network, Bruviti’s Edge Analytics software eliminates these issues and accererates time to value for data analytics.


  • Reduced communication latency
  • Real-time actions
  • Data security

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