Advanced Machine Learning for Smart Service


Home Appliances

Our experience in working with large-scale home appliance manufacturers has provided valuable insights into the unique support and service challenges of your industry. Rising costs of delivering exceptional customer service and similar product features offered by competitors requires that you reinvent yourself at every step of a business cycle. While you are designing futuristic smart products , consumers are skeptical about after sales service, especially concerning parts availability and inconveniently scheduled service calls. The Bruviti Predictive Suite is built to optimize efficiency by blending technology and prevailing support and service operations. Our Bruviti Predictive suite is designed to be modular so that it is integrated, interoperable and flexible with your existing set up. This helps to reduce truck roll costs, improve your first time fix rates, build long lasting customer relationships and increase organizational profitability.

Commercial Equipment

Whether you are a manufacturer of commercial food equipment, agricultural or construction equipment or commercial HVAC systems, fixing faulty equipment is expensive and time consuming. This make it essential to keep track of where your asset is, what it is doing and in what condition it is performing. Based on IoT, our Bruviti Predictive Suite of applications is equipped with smart solutions that increase asset reliability, extend asset life and reduce maintenance costs. Predictive Maintenance techniques help identify which assets require maintenance or replacement. This helps your support and service teams proactively schedule service calls helping your customers avoid expensive and unnecessary downtime. The Bruviti Predictive suite uses cutting-edge technologies such as Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to build a smart asset management system and empowers the support and service teams to deliver better Return on Asset (ROA) returns.


Industrial Automation

As an Industrial Equipment manufacturer (IEM) you produce essential and highly sophisticated equipment for many other manufacturing and service industries such as dairy farming, commercial food processing, industrial processing and power and energy. Considering the precision machining and capital intensive nature of your industry, machinery uptime is critical to deliver products that impact the markets at large. The Bruviti Predictive suite is equipped with applications that track the operations of your equipment and issues notifications of any inconsistency. Big data analytics empowers you to take faster and better decisions on real-time information rather than prior experience or assumptions. Our data mining tools optimize data across all business operations and deliver that data at the point of value creation , to the right people in real time to help avoid large scale complications. We implement advanced Machine Learning algorithms that reduce process flaws, improve production quality, increase efficiency and save time and money.

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