Who is it for

Whether you are a service company or a manufacturer of Home Appliances & HVAC, Commercial Food Equipment, Agriculture or Construction the Service Technician product suite is designed keeping your needs in mind.


Home Appliances

As service companies or appliance manufactures a broken down piece of equipment is always a big cause for concern.Breakdowns can happen due to multiple reasons ranging from use of outdated parts, uncertified service personnel repairing faulty equipment, weather conditions or just misuse by consumers. Bruviti’s 'Remote Diagnostic' and ‘Case Based Reasoning' tools assist service companies and equipment manufactures monitor, analyze and interpret data of their equipment. The continous analysis of data helps predict faults and schedule service calls. With Bruviti’s Service Technician, service companies and equipment manufacturers can move to predictive maintenance of their equipment reducing truck roll costs, reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) increasing revenue and boost customer satisfaction.

Commercial Food Equipment

Whether it is having lunch at a quick service restaurant in between meetings at the office or enjoying a family meal at your favorite fine dining restaurant, eating out is a global trend that has become a multi billion dollar industry. And at the heart of this industry are the commercial food equipment manufacturers that make a range of products like ovens, fryers, refrigerators, ice cream makers and espresso machines to name a few. Bruviti’s Service Technician suite of products equips manufacturers with tools that ensure the smooth functioning of these equipments. With features like ‘Real-Time Data Analytics’ , manufacturers can mointor their machines from remote locations, analyze faults and schedule service calls. Once on the call the field technician can use ‘Live Help’ and discuss a problem with a technical expert for a quicker resolution of specific faults.



The HVAC industry is greatly influenced by the activity in the residential and non-residential construction industry. Maintaining, monitoring and repairing existing equipment also contribute to a significant share of revenue especially when the construction market fluctuates. One of the biggest challenges of the industry is the lack of young professionals to replace an aging workforce.This shortage of qualified personnel is influencing innovations that is opening new doors and creating new opportunities for growth. Bruviti’s Service Technician suite of products like Predictive Maintenance, Parts Intercept and Chat Bot are targeted to assist the HVAC industry stay on track and achieve its goals. These cutting edge products help the HVAC professional be more proactive than reactive and increase productivity in the field.


Ever increasing urbanization puts a lot of pressure on the existing infrastructure of cities leading to growing demand for new infrastructure in form of roads, schools, hospitals and housing. This rapid urbanization has led to a boom in the construction industry that has influenced the technological advancements in the construction equipment market. Completing the projects in time and within budget are significant factors that determine the success of a project. This is possible only when construction equipment operates without any downtime. Applying simple but robust algorithms ensures that any abrupt and unscheduled downtime is avoided. Based on the IoT platform, Bruviti’s Service Technician helps construction companies achieve their goals through continuous monitoring of their equipment through remote diagnosis, integrated services and connected field technicians.



Customer service and support activities of Tractor and Agricultural machinery are an integral part of the farming industry's business model. The crucial nature of the products dictates end users be adept and confident when using them. The misuse of equipment or servicing of equipment by untrained personnel can affect harvest efficiency and a farmer’s bottomline. Proximity to farming areas presents a unique set of challenges to both, users and manufacturers of farming equipment. Service Technician’s product feature like Real -Time Data Analytics helps manufacturers with remote diagnosis of their equipment in the field. Monitoring equipment in real time helps schedule service calls and send remote upgrades that ensure service with minimal downtime.


Truck Roll Economics

Service Technician not only helps identify the problem but also gives the most appropriate solution for the identified problem. Field agents can now resolve a problem faster with the least amount of equipment downtime that helps reduce truck roll costs by 50%

Parts Intercept

With Parts Intercept you are never worried about over under stocking of replacement parts. The biggest benefit is that Parts Intercept helps you carry the appropriate parts during a field call. Parts Intercept also helps create smart inventory control.

Faster MTTR

Service Technician cuts down the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) of equipment by intelligent and predictive analysis of faults. This coupled with Parts Intercept helps service teams be prepared and proactive leading to greater customer satisfaction.

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